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True Cloud Infrastructure

  • True Cloud Platform
  • Enterprise Grade High Availability Nimble SAN Storage
  • Fully Redundant Network And Storage
  • Enterprise Class, SuperMicro Hardware
  • Self Healing Design From The Ground
  • Elastic Resources, Increase It As You Grow
  • Select From Bare-Metal, Pre-Configured Templates And Fully Managed Servers

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Optional Management Features

Available Only for Systems with cPanel & WHM

For your peace of mind we can manage your server
so you have more time to concentrate on your business

  • Security Hardening
  • Daily Malware Scan
  • Proactive Services Monitoring & Alert
  • Firewall Installation & Configuration
  • Shell Fork Bomb/Memory Hog Protection
  • Compilers Limiting
  • Brute Force Attack Detection & Blocking
  • cPanel and OS Updates and Patches
  • Kernel Updates
  • Mod_Security Installation & Configuration
  • Any Server Error or Problem Troubleshooting
  • Unlimited Support Tickets
Server management $75.00 /mo
cPanel/WHM $15.00 /mo
Softaculous scripts installer $3.00 /mo
R1soft server backup Contact us
RVSkin intelligent theme $3.95 /mo
ASSP Deluxe for cPanel $7.95 /mo
Cloudlinux OS $14.00 /mo
SSL certificate installation $10.00 p/request
Q: What is a Cloud Virtual Server?
A: The Cloud Virtual Server is a marvel of server virtualization technology, these servers are virtualized on dozens of physical servers, so system failures or data loss is minimized to almost 0% with the servers working in together as if they were a single processing and storage system, data is replicated in real time on another farm that is on hold and in a failure situation the backup system automatically starts in a few minutes getting your server and services running again and since the data is replicated in real time they are synchronized on multiple servers and the backup system is up to date at the time of failure. This virtualized system allows you to expand resources as needed, a simple reboot of the virtual server can increase the space, bandwidth, RAM and processor number assigned to it. Thus has all these advantages over a dedicated server where to increase resources is relative to the hardware and its limitations, leaving aside the time it would take to add more memory, change discs, etc. additionally a dedicated server does not have the Cloud Virtual Server failover redundancy mentioned above.

Q: What is SSD?
A: A solid-state drive (SSD), also known as a solid-state disk is a data storage device using integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently. As a difference with regular spinning disks it have no moving mechanical components. The SSD disks outperform regular disk around 10 times. In a cloud system used in a cloud storage increase exponentially the performance of the system with a high I/O speed. As a result you will have a lot better performance in a cloud system using this disks than the regular spinning disks.

Q: What is the difference with a VPS?
A: A VPS is only a virtualized system, is a completely different than the Cloud Virtual Servers we are offering here. Our servers are completely redundant, are physically a lot of servers virtualized through a management software, in fact the computing servers and the storage servers are many and are different physical servers so you minimize to almost zero any downtime or point of failure. A VPS can be done in the same psychical server so if the server fail any VPS on it will fail too…in fact if one disk fail it will fail too. This is something that do not happen in a Real Cloud Virtual Server as the one we are offering here.

Q: Do you charge for the Bandwidth?
A: We charge only for the outgoing bandwidth. Incoming bandwidth is Free. You can buy the bandwidth that you need and not a pre-packaged bandwidth. This cut down your cost as you pay only for the bandwidth you really need. We charge $0.09 for every Gb of outgoing bandwidth.

Q: Do you manage my server?
A: We can fully manage your server for an additional $75/mo. This is only available for servers with cPanel. Note the management include your server management, OS and cPanel updates, security hardenining, firewall and other security system installation, Free services monitoring and alert. We basically take care of everything so you can focus to your business.