Why User Experience Web Design Is So Important

It doesn’t matter what kind of website you own you always need to bear in mind that it is for your visitors and not for you. You want to provide the very best experience for them so that they will be more likely to return and purchase your products and services or take any other action that you desire.
Why User Experience Web Design Is So Important

This is where good user experience (UX), incorporating good user interface (UI) design comes into play. When you factor UX/UI into the design of your website, you should achieve higher conversions and keep your bounce rate low. Therefore, we will explain what UX is and why you should use it in the design of your website.

What UX is and why it is so important

UX is all about optimizing your website so that it provides the best interaction for your visitors. When you design your website using the principles of UX, your visitors will feel satisfied that they easily achieved what they wanted and were not frustrated with your website in any way.

Some people think that good UX is all about how a website looks. Nevertheless, this is not the case. Of course, your website needs to look professional, but it doesn’t need a lot of fancy animations to provide good UX.

The ease of use is more important. It is about a lot more than the words, images and videos that appear on your pages. Your focus needs to be on the total experience that a visitor has with your website.

Your visitors will remember the experience of your ordering process a lot more than how much they paid for example. If the order process was easy and pleasurable for them then they will certainly remember that. This is likely to increase the chances of them coming back and ordering again.

When a website delivers poor UX performance your visitors will be less likely to make a purchase and more likely to go elsewhere for what they want. So don’t make it a stressful experience for visitors to place an order with you.

Do you remain to be convinced? Here are some statistics that will open your eyes to the benefit of a good UX website design:

  • According to Forbes, improved UX design can increase conversion rates by as much as 200%
  • Websites that are not mobile-friendly will annoy 48% of visitors
  • PWC found that 17% of visitors that received only one bad experience with a website never return

The conclusion to draw here is that it is very much in your interest to ensure that your website provides good UX.

Benefits of Good UX/UI Design for Business Websites

A good business website will always anticipate the needs of its visitors. It has an intuitive design that makes it easy for visitors to navigate and easily find what they are looking for without leaving them stressed or frustrated.

According to Forrester Research, every dollar that you are prepared to invest in the UX design of your website will provide a return of $100. Here are the main benefits of UX design for business websites:

It makes Acquiring Customers easier

When a visitor has a good user experience with a website they are less likely to be concerned with brand differences and price. This means that you will have a distinct competitive advantage. So if you want to acquire more customers easily, incorporate UX/UI into your website design.

It helps to Retain Customers

Any visitor that has received a good experience ordering products and services from you is far more likely to return to repeat this experience. Retaining customers is not easy in this fiercely competitive world, so using UX/UI to provide the best possible ordering experience is essential to provide you with the competitive edge that you need.

It can Increase Productivity

There is plenty of evidence to prove that a good user experience results in increased productivity. This makes investing in good UX/UI design a smart decision as you will benefit in the long term from increased productivity and a healthier bottom line.

It can Lower your Support costs

If your website has a poor design then visitors will make more support calls to achieve what they want. Even if you offer world-class support, some visitors will not be prepared to wait for the appropriate instructions. Increasing the level of support means increasing your costs, so make your website work first time for your visitors by using good UX/UI.

It can Reduce Web Development time

If you or your web developer have to spend time fixing problems that you could have avoided it is going to lengthen web development time. Unfortunately, many website owners end up having to redesign their sites because they didn’t properly anticipate visitor behavior. Minimize your web development time by utilizing UX/UI practices.

Good UX/UI is about getting it right first time for your visitors. Too many website owners are in a hurry to “get anything out there” but if they provide a poor visitor experience then they will not achieve their goals. It is better to invest in good UX/UI design right from the start to keep your visitors happy and more likely to return.

Strong and Reliable Web Hosting is Essential for your UX/UI Designed Website

Now that you are aware of the benefits of good UX/UI design, it is essential that you choose the right web host to support your website. You do not want to make an investment in UX/UI design and then to use a web host that has slow servers, weak security and frequent outages for example.

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