When you are deciding what to use when hosting your web site, it’s most likely that cPanel web hosting will be your final choice. But what is it about this web hosting control panel that makes it simple to host a web site? Why do resellers, administrators and end-users prefer to use this?

First of all, it’s an extremely simple way to upload software, dump information, process email, and otherwise do anything basic with a web site. Both server and web site administration both become quick through a graphic interface and advanced automation that use simple clicks to update a site with pertinent information.

Basically, it’s a normal control panel that has been developed for use for front-end operations, like updating mailing lists, going through email accounts, auto installers, and the like. cPanel also allows the software that runs the web site to update automatically, although it’s not as easy then to install the newer versions in case anything goes wrong.

However, that’s a small downside to this fantastic interface. Otherwise, this control panel makes life easy for any webmaster. For example, email can be a nightmare to sort through. But cPanel keeps it simple by allowing you to manage all your accounts through one window. Instead of going to each and every inbox, you can make new email addresses for your website, forward emails if needed, and do a lot more.

Most web sites have a major problem with spam, but cPanel web hosting employs software that can keep it out and keep the inboxes free of mess. It also takes care of forwarding all your email to a single account in case you have to be away from your main computer. Then your break becomes easier because you’ll be getting all your emails in a single account. It can even be sent to your iPhone or Android cell phone or even your BlackBerry if you wish.

What’s a website without traffic anyway? Traffic is useless, though, if you don’t know how to keep track of it. This control panel allows you to analyze the stats of the people going in and out of your website. Aside from getting your visitor stats very quickly, you’ll also be made aware of any errors on your site. It not only saves you time through finding the broken links and nonexistent files for you but keeps people interested in coming back to your very informative site.

And it’s not only newbies that can use this, but geeks that will find it interesting, too. It’s much easier to manage data and security and also to add in scripts that will keep you on the top.