As a blogger or Webmaster, it is highly likely that you’re a user of the WordPress content management system. WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular and highly regarded CMS in the world. Thousands and thousands of websites utilize it and most people use the software without any concerns. Although WP is considered to be incredibly secure, nearly all applications have their own set of vulnerabilities. Those vulnerabilities may remain concealed, but you can guarantee hackers and script kiddies are working tirelessly behind the scenes to uncover them and use them to their advantage.

With this in mind, it is pertinent to protect your WordPress website with the most reliable security plugins. Many of these plugins can provide your site with an extra layer of security and push those with devious intentions one step backwards. Below, you’ll learn about some of the top WordPress security plugins that you’ll want to begin using right away.


How Secure Is WordPress?

Many WordPress users are under the impression that their website is fully secure. Well, you may be surprised to discover that your website is probably very vulnerable to a security hack at this very moment. When you consider the number of vulnerabilities surrounding WordPress, you must wonder if there is anything that you can do to protect yourself from such insecurities. Securing a website would be a drawn out and tedious task that could potentially take days, even months to accomplish, if not impossible. You must be armed with the right security tools, which most webmasters do not have at their disposal, just to secure a small fragment of your site.


The Shield

The Shield Security

If you’ve been a WordPress user for an extensive period of time, there is a high probability that you encountered the Simple Firewall add-on. Although this plugin was great, the Shield is massively improved over its predecessor. In fact, the Shield WordPress Security plugin is a comprehensive, all-in-one protection system. The plugin is capable of protecting your WP site from hacking attempts, without hindering your site’s performance in anyway. Despite the immense complexity of the plugin, it is designed for users of all skill levels. Beginners, advanced and intermediate users will have no problem installing, configuring and benefiting immensely from the Shield.

The Shield is capable of protecting your website in various ways. Below, you’ll discover some of the best features of The Shield.

  • Conceal your Admin login page
  • Prevent dangerous URLs and requests
  • Put a halt to all automated spam bots
  • Shutdown brute force hack attempts
  • Confirm user identity with Two-Factor Authentication
  • Monitor and manage User Sessions
  • Inspect the detailed Audit Trail Log to analyze admin activity for suspicious behavior
  • Control automatic updates for individual plugins and themes

Truly, the Shield is a necessity for those, who feel vulnerable. It provides a comprehensive system, which is capable of encapsulating your site and keeping hackers out. The plugin’s FABLE system is excellent and automatically blocks blacklisted IP address, before they can harm your site.


Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security

Sometimes, it is necessary to closely monitor your site and user activities, in order to spot and stop potentially devious behavior. Scouring through your server logs is one way to achieve this goal, but this is neither realistic nor time efficient. This is where the Sucuri Security Plugin enters the picture. This highly effective security toolset provides WP users with the ability to monitor their sites, so they can spot problems and eradicate them, before it is too late. Despite the amazing array of features provided with this plugin, it is free to all WP users.

Sucuri Security is capable of scanning, monitoring and auditing a WP website to rapidly detect problems, vulnerabilities and malware. Before, you’ll find a list of features offered with this plugin.

  • Monitor file integrity
  • Remotely scan for Malware
  • Monitor blacklisted IPs
  • Receive security notifications
  • Post-hack assistance for regaining control and preventing further damage
  • Access to Sucuri CloudProxy Firewall

With Sucuri Security, it is possible to closely monitor changes made within the WordPress software. Once these changes have been logged, the website owner will be able to analyze them and quickly spot erroneous behavior. They’ll instantly learn who has logged into their site and what changes have been made. The Remote Security Malware Scanner is also a necessity. This feature will beef up your site’s security, while also going one step further to protect your site’s visitors. All in all, Sucuri Security is a great WP plugin for anyone, who desires additional security and peace of mind.


iThemes Security

iThemes Security

In the past, the Better WP Security plugin was one of the highest regarded and most commonly used security plugins. Today, that plugin has been completely revamped and is now known as iThemes Security. Many long-time WP users will be familiar with iThemes. The team is responsible for some of the best WP tools, including BackupBuddy. The group has now turned their attention to WP security and they’ve truly pushed themselves to the limit with the iThemes Security app.

The plugin delivers more than 30 ways to better secure and protect your WP website from outside attacks. WP sites are often targets, due to insufficient passwords, failure to update software and software vulnerabilities. The iThemes Security plugin is designed to prevent each and every attack attempt. Some of the plugin’s most notable features will be listed below.

  • Encourages the use of strong passwords and forces password expiration
  • Allows for malware scanning of your site daily
  • Two-Factor Authentication via mobile app or email
  • Analyze file changes and spot malicious changes
  • Offers easier manipulation of WP Salts and Security Keys
  • Enables Google reCAPTCHA to stop spammers
  • Tracks user behavior

The iThemes Security plugin is ultimately innovative and incredibly reliable. It is designed to prevent brute force attacks, enhance server security and find site vulnerabilities, before it is too late. The plugin also hides your WordPress dashboard login and gives the user the ability to rename the admin account. The combination of features will undoubtedly better protect your WP site and the plugin’s backup feature makes it well worth the installation.


Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security

Many skeptics will question, whether or not Wordfence Security will be the best option in securing their WordPress website. Well, Wordfence understands how difficult it can be to put your trust in one particular security plugin, which is why they offer a free version. After trying the free version, you will be amazed with how well the security plugin works, encouraging you to upgrade to the more detailed premium package. You can actually customize your plan to suit your needs and preferences. This option prevents you from being forced to pay for more services than you actually need.

Securing your website with Wordfence will be the best decision that you ever make and you will not be forced to spend a fortune doing it. You can also pay for your premium account for a longer duration and save money. Below, you’ll discover some of the features associated with the Wordfence Security plugin.

  • Block brute force attacks and intruders from specific countries
  • Scan for malware and real-time threats
  • View and analyze life traffic, including login attempts, bots and intrusion attempts
  • Filter spam comments with an advanced system
  • Repair corrupted or vulnerable files

Hackers have gotten much more effective and they’re not going to stop, until they gain access to your site. In order to halt them in their tracks, it is essential to utilize a plugin, which is just as innovative as their new tactics. This is why you should be using WordFence to protect your site and its users.


BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security

In order to setup a reliable security system for your WP site, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with all potential attacks. You need to block brute force attacks, while also backing up your site and database regularly. The BulletProof Security plugin provides WP users with a totally convenient way to achieve each and every one of these tasks, without performing each manually. Making the upgrade to the Pro version of the software is recommended and will further enhance your site’s security.

According to the developer, the plugin is utilized by over 20,000 websites and this is definitely no coincidence. The plugin offers extensive security and is capable of preventing an array of hacking attempts and malicious behavior. Below, you’ll discover some of the attacks, which can be blocked by BulletProof Security.

  • Delivers spammer protection capable of blocking 99.99% of spam bots
  • Utilizes Auth Cookie Expiration
  • Offers full and partial database backups
  • Real-time file monitor can spot malicious files rapidly
  • Offers HTACCESS Security
  • Protects FTP access and prevents infections and injection attacks

At the end of the day, BulletProof Security is a great WP plugin, which is well worth exploring in great depth. It offers additional protection and will definitely provide WP users with added peace of mind.


Acunetix WP SecurityScan

Acunetix Security

If you are unaware of how to improve your site’s security, you should look no further than Acentix. The plugin is designed to scan your website and provide you with tips and tricks for improving your security. Even if you’re a WP security expert, the software can provide you with new ideas for enhance your site’s security a tad bit further. The plugin strips information from the WP source code, in order to prevent it from giving hackers the upper hand. Below, you’ll find additional features of the Acunetix WP SecurityScan Plugin.

  • Disables Database and PHP error reporting
  • Strips WordPress version
  • Removes potentially incriminating meta tags
  • Live traffic tool allows admin to monitor their user’s behavior
  • Offers easy backups, so disaster recovery is rapid and effortless

All in all, the Acunetix WP SecurityScan might not be as comprehensive as the others, but it is still great. It offers quick backups, monitoring tools, and is capable of keeping your site’s potentially incriminating information out of devious hands.



At the end of the day, WP is still one of the most secure content management systems available. However, utilizing these plugins is a necessity! These plugins offer an extra layer of protection and should be utilized, even if you have your site hosted in a Premium Web Hosting account. Just remember to never neglect your site’s security or it could come back to haunt you in the near future!