As Morpheus said…Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End…and looks like now is the turn of PHP 5.5.

Based on different investigations the most popular PHP used versions are unsupported by and recently we had to add PHP 5.5 to the unsupported PHP versions list. This means any new security vulnerability discovered in version 5.5 and older will not be patched nor fixed by

PHP versions usage

PHP versions usage


PHP5 versions usage

PHP5 versions usage


The numbers is the most popular server-side programming language, it have the 82% of the market and is growing day by day, according to

As showing in the above image, PHP 5 is used by 97.8% of all websites who use PHP and version 5.5 is used by 20% of all the websites using PHP version 5. Because of this wide usage, PHP is constantly exploited and used by hackers, making sites vulnerable.

Normally fix and correct the security issues and bugs for two years in regular point releases. After that, the version is supported for one more year to fix and correct the critical security issues only. After the version reaches the EOL (end of life) there is no more support nor vulnerability patches for that version by the community.

On June 21st, 2016, versions 5.0 – 5.4 are not supported by This is the 86% of all PHP 5 web sites and 84% of all the PHP sites. So, basically, most of the PHP sites are currently not supported by the community.


How i could have my site secured?

Usually, unsupported versions have security problems and that means you have to move to a new and supported PHP version. But more often than not, when a version becomes obsolete, website owners are not able to update and change programs to accommodate newer versions quickly to ensure the security of their site.

But, there is always a “but”, as long as you are using our cPanel Shared Hosting service which includes the HardenedPHP that comes with CloudLinux OS – your sites are safe. Although we recommend update your scripts to versions that use the last PHP version, you have more time to make the transition.

With HardenedPHP in our Shared Hosting Services, we run secure old PHP versions, and with PHP Selector you can select the PHP version you wish to run in your hosting account.