Control Panel Web Hosting or cPanel Web Hosting, is just one of the administrative softwares which are used to control a website. It was developed by J. Nicholas Koston specifically for high speed webhosting; fortunately it has a very user-friendly interface which does not require the administrator to have a college degree in Information Technology. Here are six benefits in using the cPanel web hosting software:

First Advantage: cPanel web hosting is different from other software for the same purpose. This one does not need any complicated and confusing codes for any particular administrative function and action. All the user has to do is be able to click the mouse and read the options that pop out. The point and click method not only makes it simpler, but it also makes it possible for a more reliable web hosting, no matter who is administering the tasks.

Second Advantage: The type of applications that the administrator uses for the website does not need to be highly specific or complicated either. Simple installations and uninstallations can be done by the mouse click. This means that if one application is useless for the site, the administrator simply uninstalls it without having to wait for a technician to tweak with the files and software.

Third Advantage: The cPanel web hosting includes the support of the following functions: E-mail, maintenance, and management of the data base. Before this, other administrative software would demand different software for different functions. The cPanel is literally an all-in-one software which makes it simpler and more cost effective.

Fourth Advantage: The cPanel also has a command line tool on top of its API functions. This not only makes it advantageous to the website end users but the website resellers as well. The cPanel web hosting can make the 3rd party software sellers and webhosting companies put in their self-designed processes and automated functions.

Fifth Advantage: The cPanel has a web hosting manager. This makes it easier for the users to access their web hosts and make their own changes if they wish to when they want to, whatever the changes may be.

Sixth Advantage: With the cPanel, not only are the website administrators spared of stress, but the email account users also finds it easier to work with. It is the obvious simplicity in both design and approach that has made the cPanel the most popular website administrative software. In fact, most competitive reliable web hosting companies and services use the cPanel web hosting software for they can now easily manage the sheer number of clients under them.