If you are a web developer or simply an enthusiastic programmer you know what imply save time and win in simplicity when you are in front of the screen with thousand of lines of codes to write.

The same developers try day by day in simplify this task with different tools and processes and day by day many tools, frameworks and materials are born to simplify and improve the programming task.

Among many Phalcon PHP and AngularJS are taking the lead.

Phalcon PHP is today the fastest framework for PHP and every day is being more popular for the developers. Thanx to the architecture and optimizations, it have low overhead for applications, c-extensions loaded together with PHP, ready to use classes and functions and compiled code without needing for interpretation.

The best part of this is that you have it AVAILABLE in your premium web hosting services through PlusPlusHosting.Net, simply select the phalcon extension in your PHP Selector at your cPanel and use it!

What would Phalcon PHP be without its best friend AngularJS, which is used frequently together.

AngularJS, by Google, is a structural framework used for dynamic web applications. It lets you use HTML as a template language and extend the HTML syntax to name clearly the components in your application. You can use it out of the box to save a lot of code lines. And everything happens in JavaScript in the browser, being an ideal partner for servers.

And again the best part of this is that you have it available in a click, through the Softaculous section at your cPanel in your premium web hosting services at PlusPlusHosting.Net. Softaculous let you install the application or just the libraries with a click, will alert you about new updates and let you take a backup of the current version before update it.

Imagine running these frameworks on our optimized and accelerated PHP platform (LSAPI) in conjunction with CageFS which virtualizes each account for each user within their own environment resources? If you already have a premium web hosting account with us you have all these benefits and if you do not have an account yet… What are you waiting for?

If you are a developer imagine all the time you will save having these tools and options under one click and without needing to spend time through command line. Invest your time smartly.