Ghost – The Most Friendly On Internet

As someone, who is looking to start a new website, you will be required to make many crucial decisions. The basics of choosing a domain name and designing a logo are fairly straightforward and obvious. From there, you will need to install a CMS, or content management system, on your server. Although there are many [...]

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Nothing But Spam: Spam, Your Message, And Utilizing Premium Web Hosting Services To Get Around It All

Every day, a hidden war is occurring between your e-mail provider and the innumerable e-mails being sent to your account. Dismissing, automatically categorizing, and even denying certain kinds of e-mails, your e-mail provider works to make your inbox resemble something identifiable instead of a mess of ads for things you do not want or need. [...]

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Your WordPress site security starts with you: Tips to protect your blog

Are you concerned about the security of your website or blog based on the WordPress content manager? This is a common headache for all our Premium web hosting customers, but if we know something at PlusPlus Hosting is that protection begins with you, so we are going to give you tips to protect yourself. [...]

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