We are glad to announce we have upgraded all our cPanel shared hosting servers to the last cPanel 60 version, this version include many performance improvements and new features.

– Less memory, higher responsiveness.

– PowerDNS: PowerDNS is a modern DNS system that uses BIND files to provide an optimized nameserver solution. PowerDNS uses less memory and processor load, and provides less latency for requests.

– DNSSEC: protects websites from one of the most well-known exploit vectors in the internet.
DNS cache poisoning attacks are a very common expoit method for hijacking DNS and rerouting customers to a another server. DNSSEC creates a signature chain from the root nameservers to verify that the end server you are connecting to is the correct server. cPanel & WHM version 60 leverages the power of PowerDNS to easily and conveniently empower users to secure their zones through DNSSEC.

– AutoSSL for mail. Domains (Enterprise Plan)
cPanel will now include the mail. subdomain automatically on new certificates and update existing AutoSSL provider certificates for all main, parked, and addon domains.

– AutoSSL Activations (Enterprise Plan)
Redirects in your .htaccess file? Custom WordPress plugins? No problem. In Version 60, cPanel will now automatically handle redirects that previously blocked DCV checks and prevented certificates from being issued.