When seeking hosting services, security and speed are both primary concerns. In today’s technological climate, it is understandable to have fears, doubts, and hesitations when shopping for the correct provider of your services. Without understanding the benefits of services being provided, it’s difficult to make the right decision. The best choice is to always fully understand before moving forward.

PlusPlusHosting invests in using only the best to promote speed for our clients. Using QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) allows our HTTP traffic to be enhanced and security to be enforced more severely. The three-way handshake that was standard for the TLS protocol is replaced by QUIC. This more efficient process only takes one communication each way from client to server in comparison to the back and forth between TCP and TLS 1.3. Simplifying the process allows a faster communication and an even more efficient security connection.

Latency, as a measure becomes an increasingly larger metric when measuring the progress of our production. QUIC allows our pace to excel and for your latency to decrease. As your hosting service provider, we are able to provide peace of mind to our clients through our reliable measures and evolving services.

HTTP/2, using a single connection, decreases the number of total trips to communicate multiple TCP connections. It also allows more resources to be sent for future utilization. Though the TCP connection it runs on actually slows down connection because of the congestion control, this problem is rectified with the use of UDP which manages the congestion. HTTP/2 is becoming outdated as a transfer protocol (with use of TCP alone) and is considered to be less secure now than what we can know is to come. The benefit of our shared hosting services is through LiteSpeed, QUIC is automatically enabled so there is no need for any users to adjust to the new protocol manually. Fortunately, with QUIC’s communication, it no longer relies upon TCP for contact. Using HTTP/2 on top with UDP allows for a faster connection time, leaving less downtime and a faster reception.

Using PlusPlusHosting allows you to take in the benefit of these services. Always forward-thinking, always evolving, the technology utilized with QUIC allows us to transform the means in which we define speed and security and optimize the user’s experience. This translates into time saving and improved rankings for our clients as well as their own. While the world is ever changing and the future of HTTP protocol in general is something that will eventually surpass anything to our current understanding or knowledge, one thing is certain. The age of innovation leaves us in suspense for what’s to come, but at PlusPlusHosting, we stay eager to implement and learn as the future welcomes us into its arms. We invite you to join us.