CPanel 11.54…now called Fifty4 is ready and we will have it available soon in our shared hosting servers.

The new version introduce many changes and improvements and some new useful functions specifically for end users.

– Suspend and unsuspend email accounts

cPanel account owners and WHM users can suspend and unsuspend email accounts. Suspension prevents logins and access to a email account, and it rejects any incoming mail to the account. Before, if an email account was compromised or sent spam, a system administrator or reseller could only suspend an entire cPanel account.

Management of email suspension is available in cPanel’s Email Accounts interface (Home >> Email >> Email Accounts).

Note: When you suspend an email account, the system also suspends any aliases or forwarders that redirect email to the account.

Suspend and unsuspend email accounts


– User Manager

The User Manager interface (Home >> User Preferences >> User Manager). cPanel account users can use this interface to add, manage, and delete subaccounts. cPanel account users can also merge their current email, FTP, and Web Disk accounts into a subaccount. The User Manager interface allows you to create a subaccount with email, FTP, and Web Disk access on a single page. This interface includes the option to add the subaccount user’s name and an alternate email address. It also allows cPanel users to edit a subaccount user’s FTP and Web Disk home directory. The User Manager interface contains advanced filtering options that allows a cPanel account user to search for subaccounts by services and issues, and it’s search box uses incremental search.


cPanel account users can create subaccounts that use the same login and password information for email, FTP, and Web Disk services. The system maintains password synchronization between each of the subaccount user’s allowed services. cPanel account users can add and remove a subaccount’s email, FTP, and Web Disk services without updating the subaccount’s password.

User Manager


– FTP accounts

You have now support to create FTP accounts for any domain that the cPanel account owns.

FTP accounts