Would you believe that around 15% of the sources of Malware infections come from database infections?

If you ever had to “clean” a database with Malware injections you will know the effort and the hours that it takes. Since generally this type of attack injects thousands of lines into the database. That is why the developers of Imunify360 are in the process of taking the next step in protection against Malware since there is currently no other system that is capable of detecting and immunizing Malware in databases in a professional and automated way.

Imunify360, the protection system with Artificial Intelligence system that we use in our Premium Web Hosting servers is in the process of including a module that is currently in its Beta phase that scans the Databases in search of Malware and disinfects them.

Infections with Malware injections in databases are quite complex and difficult to disinfect, the attacker tries to execute the malicious code on the client side and not on the server, which is why they generally inject malicious JavaScript or HTML code. This generally affects the domain reputation of the affected site and is blacklisted by search engines or antivirus services, causing a drastic drop in traffic of up to 90% on the affected website.

Soon this module developed by Imunify360 will be integrated into the protection system and will automate the scanning, search and disinfection of databases that have Malware, initially with the WordPress databases that are the most affected by this type of attack. Then it will be expanded for other CMS.

As always, we continue working and incorporating technology for the protection of our clients.