Introducing our Design and Web Development Services

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Design and Web Development Services

For over 15 years we have provided high quality services and products and today we are pleased to officially announce that we have extended this commitment and quality to our new graphic design and web development services.
We have a team that can provide graphic design and web development specifically for your needs.

Some of the premium web design services we can provide are:

  • Web design
  • Logo design
  • WordPress sites design
  • Design for different CMS sites
  • Corporate  kits
  • Flyers design
  • Business card design
  • General graphic design
  • WordPress plugins development
  • E-commerce and shopping carts development
  • WordPress and other CMS themes customization
  • PHP programs and modules development
  • Any type of PHP development
  • Magento sites development
  • Corrections of sites in PHP
  • Corrections of PHP code in general

If you need any of these services or other related services, please contact us.

You can see our All-in-one premium web design and development packages which includes everything that you need to start or update your web site successfully

With quality and customer satisfaction on mind, that has characterized us from the beginning, we want to thank everyone for the support for this new challenge, that surely will help exponentially many of our clients to succeed in their online projects with the creativity and the solutions provided by our graphic design and development team.

With this announcement which fill us with joy we wish to extend this joy to all our clients, so in the next few days will send many promotions on web design and development that you can’t miss, stay tuned in our Twitter, Facebook and our email notifications.

Thank you!
The PlusPlusHosting.Net Team


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