Hello and thank you once again for being a customer of PlusPlus Hosting! As you should already know, we go above and beyond to provide our clients with the best service possible and are consistently making arrangements to enhance our services. Whether you’re a blogger, webmaster, or run any type of business, you want to gain success. In order to support your efforts, we have just implemented a 2-month trial for each and every one of our cPanel Shared Hosting Clients. We highly recommend everyone experience the new LSCache/LSCWP for themselves and would like to extend you the opportunity to do so immediately.


Powerful LSCache/LSCWP Combo

As of now, our Shared Hosting Clients will be able to take full advantage of the powerful combination of LSCache/LSCWP. The caching system accompanied with the Lightning Fast LiteSpeed Web Server will greatly enhance your website’s capabilities and will speed up the load time immensely. Once this feature has been enabled, your website will load quicker than ever before and you will be able to leave your competition in the dust. We also understand that our clients depend on SEO to generate organic traffic and to allow their websites to flourish. By enabling this combination, your website will receive additional credence from Google and your positioning within the search results will increase to some degree.


Better Experience For All

We wholeheartedly understand that you wish to provide your site visitors with the most pleasant experience possible. In order to do this, you need a website, which loads without delay. By contacting us and having this new feature enabled for your website, you’ll be able to do just that. Whether you’re a blogger or happen to run a business of any size, you’ll be able to benefit enormously from this enhancement. Your website will load quicker and this will encourage visitors to remain on your site for a longer period of time. For a business, this could very well make the difference between making the sell and the consumer going elsewhere.
The 2-month trial comes with no obligation, so there is no requirement to pay for anything! Therefore, we highly recommend that you take full advantage of this opportunity and experience the LSCache/LSCWP for yourself. Don’t worry. Those that will to keep the feature enabled after the trial has ended will be able to do so for a minimal fee.


Getting Started Now

Are you ready to begin experiencing the difference for yourself? We strongly encourage everyone that would like to undergo the trial to open a support ticket and contact us immediately. Be sure to let us know the desire domain name, so we can enable this feature for you as soon as possible. If you enjoy the new service and would like to keep it permanently, you can do so easily. The first 2-months are totally free and there is absolutely no obligation to get started!
After the two months have concluded, you can continue utilizing this service for just $2 per month per each hosted CMS. If you wish to cease use of the new service, you can do so without incurring any penalty or fee! Thank you again for being a customer and we hope to hear from you soon!