Two-factor authentication is a kind of security whereby the user is required to provide two types of security information. This kind of security is vital since it makes it much safer for the average consumers. With the rise of internet shopping, internet banking, and many other activities that require submission of personal information, two-factor authentication has nowadays become very crucial for maximum security. Passwords and usernames are not enough in providing total protection to personal information or financial information. For this reason, cPanel & WHM has introduced the new Two-Factor Authentication features for the cPanel & WHM interfaces.

The cPanel & WHM  two-factor authentication provide an improved security measure when you are logging into the cPanel and WHM. This type of two-factor authentication is the one where you must provide something that you have along with something that you know.


Two types of security information needed for two-factor authentication

• Your password
• A generated security code

When you enable the two-factor authentication to your smartphone, you will be provided with a code that you MUST enter after you have entered the password so as to be able to log in. This means that without your smartphone you won’t be able to log in.
You need to note that the WHM and Cpanel two-factor authentication requires you to have a smartphone with a supported time-based one-time password (TOTP) app. Some of the apps that we highly recommend to you include:
• For all Windows Phone – Authenticator
• For all iOS, Blackberry and Android – Google Authenticator
• For iOs and Android – Duo Mobile


How to manage two-factor authentication

It is very easy to manage the two-factor authentication. Here is a step by step guide on how to manage it:

Step 1. Log into your cPanel.
Step 2. Under the security interface, Select “Two-Factor Authentication”.

cpanel security section

Step 3. Next click on the “Set Up Two-Factor Authentication” button.

cpanel two factor authentication step 1

Step 4. Follow the instructions which require you to scan the QR code into your two-factor authentication app on your smartphone and enter the outputted six digit code into the cPanel.

cpanel two factor authentication step 2

After you have followed these steps, your cPanel two-factor authentication will be enabled. When you try to log in to your cPanel hosting account afterward, you will always be required to enter your username and password and on the next step, be requested to enter the ‘Security Code.’ Thus, you will, therefore, have to open the 2FA app that on your phone so as to be able to retrieve the code each time you login.


How to remove the two-factor authentication

Step 1. Log into your cPanel
Step 2. Under “Security” Select “Two-Factor Authentication”.
Step 3. Click on “Remove Two-Factor Authentication” and you will have deactivated the 2FA.


Advantages of cPanel two factor authentication

Nowadays, cyber criminals have become increasingly more intelligent and also resourceful each day. Due to this, our passwords are increasingly becoming ineffective at keeping intruders out.
You should realize that it is advisable to include a capital letter and symbols to your password so as to make it more secure. However, even the average hackers can access hardware and software and even trick you with a phishing email.
Due to these security issues, two-factor authentication comes into adds an extra layer of protection to the standard a single factor authentication which most of us are used to i.e. passwords or pin codes. Two-factor authentication is a smart security choice for any individual who wishes to protect their personal information from third parties access. It actually keeps you account safe from identity theft and also provide a better sense of security than simply using a password alone.

It works by introducing another element into the traditional password login process which is very difficult for the hackers to replicate. Using this kind of security makes it extremely hard for even the most experienced hackers to gain remote access to your systems hence discouraging most of those who would usually consider to attack your account. However, this should not be used as an excuse to become less careful when creating a password. Creating a password that is strong is a very crucial factor in deterring cyber-criminals.

Get yourself a cPanel two-factor authentication today and keep hackers off your account. It is always good to keep your personal information secure as insecure personal information can lead to major losses including financial loss.