One more time a severe vulnerability was announced by the WordPress Security Team that allows unauthenticated users to change content on a site using unpatched WordPress. A version below 4.7.2

Was found by the the Sucuri team and reported to WordPress.

If you have your website running in any version lower than 4.7.2 then is time to upgrade. Remember that if you have installed your WordPress using the Softaculous auto installer included in your hosting account, then simply a click will update your WordPress to the last version. Before proceed remember to check if you themes, plugins and modules are compatible with the new version. If you have a paid/custom theme, plugin or module contact the developer.

If you have enabled CloudFlare in your hosting account then you are protected already.

Although we provide Softaculous which help you install hundred of scripts like WordPress with a click, remember the support is provided by the scripts developers.