Comparing Hosting Providers Behind the Frontpage

Have you ever wondered why some final hosting accounts that apparently have the same characteristics could be something completely different? This is a common question customers have, especially when they benchmark companies that offer more space, bandwidth, or emails for lower costs and even give you a chance to win an iPhone.
Comparing Hosting Providers Behind the Frontpage

Currently, there are many “juicy” offers on the market. However, while they sound very tempting, you have to look under the carpet to compare them and if you are our client, that speaks for itself. The reason behind it is that many of you have already tried all those options, but they did not turn out to be what you expected, right?

But the doubt is still there. Why does this happen? As you know, we specialize in providing high quality web hosting services, and we are working to stay on top all the time. That is why we decided to create this article so that you and others looking for quality services can find an answer to your concerns.

Factors to consider to determine the difference

When you decide to buy a web hosting service, what are you exactly looking for? Most of the people agree that they are trying to find quality support, secure, affordable, stable and quality services from reliable providers. But there is much more about it.

All people who invest on web hosting need to take their business to the digital world, so risking saving money and then losing thousands is not a fun game. For this reason, it is essential to take into account certain aspects when you are going to buy one service or another.

The main ones have to do with the reputation of providers, the experience of years in the business, the quality or offers that they provide to their clients, their infrastructure, and more. In this regard, we are going to review them deeply so that you do not miss any detail when selecting your hosting service.

a. Where are the servers hosted?

This is the first indicator on which you should focus your attention. Knowing where the servers are hosted is the starting point to choose a quality service. At PlusPlusHosting, our servers are located in the US, in H5 Datacenter in in Denver.

This data center is very reliable, especially since it has not suffered from energy nor network downtime for more than 15 years. Just as you read! There are few companies that can guarantee the same. But what does this mean?

This refers to the fact that the data center is top-notch, they make pertinent decisions regarding investment in technology, infrastructure, and constant updates. Likewise, it has a solid fiber network with many of the largest broadband providers in the world, in addition to a complete redundant network and elements of the same level as biometric access, caged access, power backups, cooling, surveillance, security access, fire detection, among others.

For this and more, this data center has established itself as a renowned one. Besides, it has a Fortune 500 client base and is a creditor of Type 2 SOC 1 and ISO 27001 certification. In this way, we host our services there since we are fully committed to quality and user experience.

If you want to take a deeper look, just visit its website at

b. What type of hardware is used?

This is another point of utmost importance that people usually forget. Most of the providers have great offers that consist of the following: they simply take a computer-like the one you can buy anywhere for a few bucks-. Then, they install a Linux distro, plug the network cable to the network card, and that’s it. There you have a server.

Well… it is not that simple. We use SuperMicro® racked servers. These are servers created to be servers, which means that each of their components was tested and specially designed to work without interruptions and to have a much longer useful life. Furthermore, the chassis where we locate the mobo is also SuperMicro®, so it provides greater cooling, better access to components, among others.

Also, each piece that makes up the hardware is enterprise-class, and all of them have been selected to provide continuous connection and operation –including the network card, memory, CPU, the raid cards, etc. In this way, this fact minimizes the risk of failures regarding the hardware structure.

We also use SSD Enterprise discs (solid discs). Most of them have Raid 10 configuration and are placed in groups that work together as a hot-plug unit. Thus, if any disk fails in the array, it can be taken and replaced while the server is in use, without interrupting its operation. This ensures that the quality of the service is not affected against any failure.

c. The right software

We must understand that this is one more layer that could impact on the quality of the final service, and it is improved and tweaked every day. The right software is intrinsically linked to hosting quality, and this is an aspect that you must consider when purchasing a service of this type.

We could spend hours detailing the vast amount of different non-standard software we have on servers, especially on the shared hosting ones -which they are tweaked to provide the best performance.

To mention some, we have the Litespeed web server with Quic and http/3 support, cache for WordPress sites, security systems (many), intrusion and malware detection (with AI systems), kernel patching software, among others.

d. Permanent support

This is, without a doubt, the most important factor. Regardless of infrastructure, hardware, services, and software, then you don’t have anything if you don’t get good support. At PlusPlusHosting, we have been working in this sector for more than 20 years. And, believe us, you learn something new every day, even if you are a certified IT professional.

That is why the experience cannot be underestimated. The “in situ” learning cannot be compared to the information you find in books.

95% of our clients come to us through the recommendations of others, and this is another fact that speaks for itself. We know how to listen to the client, we understand their request, and we translate it into solutions.

So, the next time you are looking for hosting services, remember that there are many things to check. A hosting isn’t just a lot of space, bandwidth, or hundreds of email accounts you can create; it is a broad spectrum of aspects and elements that run in the background.

Although you cannot see them, they are the final product that will determine the success or failure of your business. Plus, it can make the difference between a site that runs smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, loads quickly, and receives effective support; and one that lacks quality. The former is something that only a small percentage of providers can offer today, and we have been honored to be a part of it.

Be smart and look beyond the front page. If it’s shinning too much, there’s probably a light bulb reflecting so much that it hides what’s really behind it.


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