Content Injection in WordPress – Upgrade or be Hacked

One more time a severe vulnerability was announced by the WordPress Security Team that allows unauthenticated users to change content on a site using unpatched WordPress. A version below 4.7.2 Was found by the the Sucuri team and reported to WordPress. If you have your website running in any version lower than 4.7.2 then is [...]

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How Much Does Your WordPress Theme Actually Matter?

Before developing and creating your WordPress site, it's important to gain a little perspective on your resources so that you can prioritize everything and produce satisfactory results. One of the main elements of your website will be your theme. Yet have you ever pondered the question, "how important is my theme?" How much of an [...]

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Joomla Installation

Since 2005, the demand for Joomla has been increasing every day, and more people are finding it very useful in enabling them to create their websites quickly and without having to learn programming languages such as PHP, HTML or database languages. What is Joomla? In simple terms, Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS) that [...]

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cPanel Two-Factor Authentication for the Best Access Protection

Two-factor authentication is a kind of security whereby the user is required to provide two types of security information. This kind of security is vital since it makes it much safer for the average consumers. With the rise of internet shopping, internet banking, and many other activities that require submission of personal information, two-factor authentication [...]

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Use Google Analytics to Boost Your Site’s Performance

It used to be that if you had a unique product or service to sell, all you had to do was set up a website with decent content and you could be reasonably sure that traffic (and business) would flow your way. However, with billions of sites online today, the competition is intense. If you [...]

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The Top WordPress Security Plugins For Your Site

As a blogger or Webmaster, it is highly likely that you’re a user of the WordPress content management system. WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular and highly regarded CMS in the world. Thousands and thousands of websites utilize it and most people use the software without any concerns. Although WP is considered to be incredibly [...]

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New cPanel Fifty4 version and some new interesting functions

CPanel called Fifty4 is ready and we will have it available soon in our shared hosting servers. The new version introduce many changes and improvements and some new useful functions specifically for end users. - Suspend and unsuspend email accounts cPanel account owners and WHM users can suspend and unsuspend email accounts. Suspension prevents [...]

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Publishing Your Web Site – The Easy Way

Over the years, millions of individuals have built and published their very own websites. Although the minority of these people had experience in this field, the majority did not. They were forced to read through documentation and click mindlessly everywhere, until they finally figured it out. The good news is that the cPanel platform is [...]

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Your WordPress site security starts with you: Tips to protect your blog

Are you concerned about the security of your website or blog based on the WordPress content manager? This is a common headache for all our Premium web hosting customers, but if we know something at PlusPlus Hosting is that protection begins with you, so we are going to give you tips to protect yourself. [...]

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