PHP with HTTP/2 support for CURL

If you are our client most probably you know that has been some time we are running HTTP/2 support over LiteSpeed web server in all our cPanel shared web hosting services, which exponentially accelerate your web site loading, helping in your SEO ranking and also to keep visitors navigating in your web sites. From now, [...]

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Don’t get hacked! Protect your website with daily vulnerability scanning by SiteLock

We are happy to announce we have expanded our security products including SiteLock Website Protection to bring small businesses a more comprehensive security offering. This make easier for small business owners to protect their websites, while still operating smoothly. SiteLock offers online businesses a smart, cost effective way to protect their business while increasing sales [...]

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cPanel 64 Stable Tier is Coming Soon With Very Useful Features, Keep Tuned!

Soon we will upgrade all our cPanel shared hosting servers to the Stable tier of cPanel 64. Below we listed some of the highlighted features so you are aware of the tools and features you will have available. - New cPanel Light and Dark styles: The cPanel interface now ships with the Light and Dark [...]

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5 Days Only 40% Off All Dedicated Servers and Cloud Virtual Servers

We are very excited to offer deep discounts for all new servers leased through the end of the year. You will receive up to 40% discount on top of our already low prices for the life of the server. We can literally custom build any configuration you can dream up, up to 3TB memory, 44+ [...]

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We are running cPanel 60 in our Shared Hosting Servers

We are glad to announce we have upgraded all our cPanel shared hosting servers to the last cPanel 60 version, this version include many performance improvements and new features. - Less memory, higher responsiveness. - PowerDNS: PowerDNS is a modern DNS system that uses BIND files to provide an optimized nameserver solution. PowerDNS uses less [...]

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Time to Switch to PHP 5.6?

As Morpheus said...Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End...and looks like now is the turn of PHP 5.5. Based on different investigations the most popular PHP used versions are unsupported by and recently we had to add PHP 5.5 to the unsupported PHP versions list. This means any new security vulnerability discovered in [...]

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FREE and Unlimited SSL Certificates for your Domains

We are happy to announce we have upgraded all our cPanel shared hosting servers to the last cPanel 58 version, this includes many improvements and new features for our clients. Clients with "Enterprise" hosting plan now have the option to have Free and unlimted SSL certificates auto installed and renewed! These certificates are provided by [...]

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Introducing LSCache Special Offer For Clients Only

Hello and thank you once again for being a customer of PlusPlus Hosting! As you should already know, we go above and beyond to provide our clients with the best service possible and are consistently making arrangements to enhance our services. Whether you’re a blogger, webmaster, or run any type of business, you want to [...]

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LiteSpeed Webserver And LSCache – Your Site Faster Than Ever Before

We sincerely believe in providing our clients with everything they need to excel. We’re constantly upgrading our servers to provide you with the best experience possible and the best experience for your site visitors. We’re happy to announce that we’re now running the LiteSpeed webserver for our cPanel shared hosting accounts. You’ve likely already experienced [...]

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