If you are one of those people who have been using the internet for your business or personal sites for a long time, have your websites in WordPress and usually migrate your sites, with all that it entails, or you are a webmaster, developer or a designer who manages the WordPress sites of your clients, this is something that will definitely interest you.

As you already know, all the clients that buy our cPanel Premium Web Hosting services have the possibility to have their website migrated completely FREE, this not only helps to focus in your business but also helps you to de-stress since the process of migration can always be, at least, stressful. Things can go well or, as it happens most of the time, there is something to correct or fix.

But what if you have more WordPress sites to migrate?

In order to collaborate with this and give you one more tool so that you can migrate your or your clients´ WordPress sites in a simple and automated way, we are pleased to announce that we have recently made an alliance with ServMask, the developers of the number 1 complete WordPress migration plugin, the “All-In-One WP Migration” plugin, which allows you to migrate your entire WordPress site from one server to another without the need for technical knowledge and in simple steps. This plugin does it all for you.

We have created an All-In-One WP Migration Plugin step-by-step tutorial in our Knowledge Base so that you can use the plugin, which is installed automatically when you install WordPress from the Softaculous section in our cPanel Premium Web Hosting accounts.

Just install WordPress and then use the plugin to migrate your entire WordPress site from that other hosting provider that you are not happy with 🙂

We hope that this partnership is beneficial for you and helps the tedious process of moving a website.