In fact looks like this could happen, a research revealed that more than the 85% of the sites running PHP use old and unsupported PHP versions by PHP.Net. Considering PHP represents more than 80% of all server side scripts. Using insecure versions usually end up with hacked sites, site programmed to use old PHP versions that keeps erroring when they run over a new PHP version, plugins that doesnt work and an unending list of troubles.

This frustrates users and also generate a problem for the hosting providers as they can’t fix the problem nor keep an unsupported and potentially insecure PHP version running in the servers.

So the new development by the Cloudlinux guys enter into play, called HardenedPHP, after a long development time and many months of testing, now is alive. Is the new cloudlinux OS feature which secure all the unsupported PHP versions by, like the widely used 5.2, 5.3 and the 5.4, this last one will reaching EOL this September 14th.

Also these guys have promised keep these versions updated and patched as long as people use those versions and in the case they decide to drop the support for any of the versions, they will announce it at least one year before so users have time to upgrade they scripts to make them compatible with newer versions.

Regardless, we as premium web hosting provider, always recommend use the latest version of PHP as possible as the base for programming or integrating your scripts or your website, this not only ensures security but also allows you to integrate new functionalities and help you keep up with the technology…something that lately is changing quickly.

If you are our premium web hosting client you have this functionality already applied in your hosting account and you can select the PHP version you wish to run in your web site through the PHP Selector in your cPanel at PlusPlusHosting.Net