cPanel Two-Factor Authentication for the Best Access Protection

Two-factor authentication is a kind of security whereby the user is required to provide two types of security information. This kind of security is vital since it makes it much safer for the average consumers. With the rise of internet shopping, internet banking, and many other activities that require submission of personal information, two-factor authentication [...]

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Time to Switch to PHP 5.6?

As Morpheus said...Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End...and looks like now is the turn of PHP 5.5. Based on different investigations the most popular PHP used versions are unsupported by and recently we had to add PHP 5.5 to the unsupported PHP versions list. This means any new security vulnerability discovered in [...]

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FREE and Unlimited SSL Certificates for your Domains

We are happy to announce we have upgraded all our cPanel shared hosting servers to the last cPanel 58 version, this includes many improvements and new features for our clients. Clients with "Enterprise" hosting plan now have the option to have Free and unlimted SSL certificates auto installed and renewed! These certificates are provided by [...]

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