Increased Performance and Optimized PHP

We are happy to announce that we have installed an Apache module (mod_lsapi) in our cPanel shared hosting servers which offers an increased performance, low memory footprint coupled with more security for PHP. This is enabled in the PHP versions selected through the PHP selector and is not available for the default (native) PHP. To [...]

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Changing cPanel theme to RVskin2 or Paper Lantern

We are happy to announce RVskin2 theme is now available in your cPanel hosting panel. RVskin2 is the phone/tablet responsive new theme by RVskin and has been designed to be used with mobile devices. Additionally we have enabled the default "Paper Lantern" cPanel theme which is also a responsive theme for cPanel. With these themes [...]

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How Correctly Open and Update a Support Ticket

Many times we have clients sending us emails requesting support and in the rush to contact us they simply send the request to any email address to any address or contacting us to the Sales department, o Pre-sales department. Doing this they not only do not get the expected support but also they delay the [...]

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Things to Keep in Mind with Filezilla FTP

Filezilla is one of the most useful free FTP client out there. It's easy to set up, easy to use, consistent, and fully featured. There really is nothing more one could ask of such a client, really, and it's easy to fall into the trap of assuming Filezilla is a perfect solution. Unfortunately, there are [...]

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Easily change your php.ini settings

From today is easy for you change your php.ini settings from your cPanel. From now you have the ability to edit the php.ini through the PHP Selector option in your cpanel. Simply select the php version then click the "Show PHP Extensions" button. Then click in the option you want to change and save the [...]

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The Top Six Benefits of cPanel Web Hosting

Control Panel Web Hosting or cPanel Web Hosting, is just one of the administrative softwares which are used to control a website. It was developed by J. Nicholas Koston specifically for high speed webhosting; fortunately it has a very user-friendly interface which does not require the administrator to have a college degree in Information Technology. [...]

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The Importance Of Having Strong Passwords

The World Wide Web is a dynamic framework of many addresses each striving to have a say in their own niches by having a unique character. But they all have to be connected by an established regulatory coding on the internet like passwords for login in and for user name accounts. This has been the [...]

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Choosing A Domain Registration Company

Getting a domain name for your company is important as establishing a good name for company. The truth is, the domain name that you get will largely determine the legitimacy of your company and this is, as you would expect very important for your sales as well as for your presence in the online world. [...]

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