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Phishing: A Never-Ending Threat To Web Security

Phishing; there was once a time when that word wasn't 'common' knowledge. However, now that the Internet has sat at the heart of society for some years, even the most fresh-faced web users may find it in their vocabulary. The problem of Phishing is widespread, and can affect the most casual of internet users in a very harmful way. Thus, awareness could always be higher.

So, what is Phishing? Phishing is a technique used to try and obtain important information such as passwords and credit card details from regular people. It is usually done by pretending to be a familiar and trustworthy sender such as a large company or a bank in a communication sent straight to your email inbox. The tactics used in these communications can range from getting you to send both your username and password, to inserting links to sites infected with malware.

Awareness of Phishing tactics in general has spread considerably with the development of the internet, which means the success rate for Phishing isn't critically high currently. However, new tactics to target internet users are always being developed and each and every user that is a victim can suffer serious damage. This is why it is so important that the newer, less knowledgeable users on the web are educated as soon as possible.

The serious damage of Phishing to the economy is evident in the numbers. The annual impact on a global scale of Phishing may equate to $5 billion, according to a Microsoft Report in Q1 2014. Of that number, up to $2 billion could directly hit American businesses and consumers.

It's not all bad news though. Phishing as a concept may be going nowhere, but the fight against it has developed significantly. Instead of passive resistance by users simply ignoring Phishing attempts, criminals are being combated in several different areas.

The technique that has the biggest long term benefit is education. The more people that are trained to recognize and combat attempts to access their personal data, the more the individuals behind such schemes will be discouraged to attempt them.

In addition to this, a technical response has emanated from software developers, who have used their expertise to construct built-in features for browsers that help protect the public. These may come in the form of extensions or toolbars, as well as the strengthening of login security.

An attempt has been made to increase the potential punishment of those involved in Phishing activity. If the 'Anti-Phishing Act of 2005' had been enacted in the USA, there would have been hefty fines and prison sentences for those found guilty of involvement. In the UK, similar legislation was actually passed ('Fraud Act 2006') that gives any individual found guilty a maximum sentence of 10 years.

With the threat still developing, what can you do to protect yourself? It may seem overwhelming, but with a few basic steps and caution you certainly won't be a prime target for Phishing activity.
Ensure that you do not send any information via email that could be used to access personal accounts. As a rule, major companies such as your bank or PayPal will never ask you to send or confirm any detail in an email.

If you're unsure the sender of the email is legitimately who they say they are, do not click any links or download any attachments. It is likely that it is an attempt to transfer malware to your computer, or collect your financial details for identity theft.

Using your computer in public is safe, but only if you remember to sign out of any account before closing and leaving. If not, you potentially hand a stranger access to your personal information.

Finally, you can always be a proactive member of the fight against Phishing – if you think you have received a suspicious email, contact the company in question via their website and inform them of the situation. You are aiding them in their defense and so they will more than happy to help.

Phishing is still a major problem in the Internet world, and is undoubtedly going nowhere. Because it is a concept and not a weakness in a specific program or platform, it will continue to evolve with the times and pose a threat. However, on an individual level with a tiny bit of caution and a proactive attitude towards fighting it, you can assist the crackdown.

A Never-Ending Threat To Web Security

Don't Lose Business From Hackers

Hackers are just an everyday part of life. The last thing in the world you want to do is pretend that hackers will never harm your small business. It's this kind of thinking that can allow hackers to infiltrate your company, and cause damage that at worst can leave your business wrecked beyond any hope for repair.

Don't let all your hard work be destroyed by some anonymous Internet entity. A combination of many easy steps help you avoid this happen. First make sure to find a good hosting provider, we provide quality hosting with tweaked and secured servers to highly increase your web site security. Second, make sure to always use strong passwords, change them frequently and make sure to do not disclose them to anyone. If you install any script in your hosting account, you can do that easily using our one click script installation plugin through your hosting panel, remember keep it up to date. Most of the hacked accounts are cause a vulnerability in a outdated script. Our script installation plugin also allows you configure to have your installed scripts up to date automatically when new versions are available. Third, make sure to scan your computer with virus and malware scanners, do this frequently, you will be surprised how many hosting accounts are hacked using troyans to get the access information from users computers.

Don't Lose Business From Hackers

Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 5

cPanel 11.42, is making the leap from Horde 1.2 to Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 5.1.

Some of the new and improved features that you'll find in Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 5.1 include:

- A mobile interface
- A customizable web interface
- Threaded conversations
- Mail filtering
- A built-in calendar with event reminders
- An advanced task list system

The following changes will happen in the upgrade process, are technical details but is good you know about them in case any of them affect your Horde configuration.

- Convert Horde tables from Latin 1 to UTF-8 encoding.
- There is no guarantee that existing customizations of Horde won't be lost during the upgrade process. Horde 1.2 themes and customizations will not be supported in the new version.

Horde Groupware Webmail Edition

MySQL 5.1 End Of Life

Oracle has announced they will stop supporting Mysql 5.1 at the end of 2013 but cPanel will continue supporting it for a bit more.

This means we will start migrating all our servers Mysql version to the last 5.5 or 5.6 one to have them running properly.

If you have scripts installed in your account...and most probably you have at least one using Mysql....start checking with the scripts support or developers about Mysql 5.5 or 5.6 support and take action to have your scripts updated.

Remember that is our duty have our servers software up to date, but we do not update nor fix scripts installed in the users accounts, that is the customer responsibility.

Note we haven't an ETA yet about this upgrade, most probably will be at the middle of the 2014. Once we have more information about when we will proceed we will notify you a month or so before. Stay tuned!

So...lets start working and checking/upgrading your scripts as soon as possible.

Mysql 5.1 End Of Life

Apple vs Samsung: A Never Ending Battle

With the iPhone 5s arriving in China, Apple once again edged its way into the top five smartphone makers in China in the third quarter.

However Samsung Electronics made the biggest gains in the third quarter, and they saw smartphone shipments go up more than 150% year-over-year.

Apple, on the other hand, has had approximately 1/5th of the shipment increases, year-over-year, as Samsung has. Their market share is now around 8% because of an approximately 30% year-over-year shipment increase, according to date from the research firm Canalys. Near the end of the quarter in September, Apple launched two iPhone models in the country.

The increase in shipments gave Apple the fifth place in the Chinese smartphone market. It was a first for Apple to make China one of the earliest markets to receive their latest iPhone models the soonest. Before this unprecedented move, Chinese consumers were forced to go for months prior to the device officially arriving.

An analyst at the research firm, Canalys, said that the primary driver of the growth were the iPhone 5s. The iPhone demand has been so high in the country that the initial demand for the gold-colored model pushed the price for it to over $1,500 in China's grey market, the research analyst noted.

She went on to note that supply simply could not keep up with demand, but she was not definite on whether or not the cheaper iPhone 5c model would catch on. The fourth quarter should make it clearer what kind of success the iPhone 5c will have, but the same analyst guessed that they would do very well.

The more important story in the third quarter, though, was that of Samsung, the biggest smartphone vendor in China. The South Korean market leader widened their lead to a little over 20%. The second place finisher in the third quarter was Lenovo, with just 13%.

Even though Samsung is best known for its premium flagship Galaxy phone around the world, the company is seeting a lot more demand for its less premium handsets. There are more sales for the low to mid-range handsets than there are for the higher-end models because they have a reputation for high quality no matter the model and because their phones are easy to find throughout China. Their extensive retail channel presence and embedded foothold throughout China has helped to sharpen their lead by offering low-priced, high-quality smartphones when and where consumers need them.

According to the analyst, Samsung has even been able to curb the growth of local players, and even though domestic vendors are still selling more phones as an aggregate, it is difficult for any one company to challenge either Samsung's products or its market position.

In third place was Yulong Computer Telecommunication, with a market share of 11%. Yulong is a local vendor that sells phones under the "Coolpad" brand. Huawei Technologies came in fourth place. Apple was trailing behind with just an 8% market share, but the fourth quarter could make a difference in those positions, especially in seeing how well the lower-end iPhone 5cs fare with Chinese consumers, hungry for low to mid-range handsets as they are.

Apple vs Samsung

The IT Industry Is Undergoing a Major Shift

It wasn't the end of the world foretold by the Mayans that happened in 2012, but the tech world did change dramatically. The tech world of the last two decades seemed to unravel before our very eyes. Just look at current developments in enterprise tech, and you will clearly see that they were cataclysmic – but not world-ending like some say the Mayans predicted.

Let's look at the evidence for this seismic shift. It is undeniable. We'll go though it point-by-point.

Garter says that revenue in the second quarter went down by almost 4% from the year before. Another firm, IDC, said the drop was closer to 6%.

Cisco is planning on laying off more than 4,000 people in 2014. John Chambers, the CEO, when speaking at a CEO Summit in North Carolina, said that laying off roughly 5% of the workforce is required because Cisco has to keep pace with the changes happening in the technology market. Transitioning in an inconsistent market is always hard. He said that if he did things in a traditional way that his company would quickly become roadkill. Chambers went on to say that 1/3rd of tech companies won't exist in a meaningful or significant way in just a couple of years because consumers are adopting technologies like software-defined networking, virtualization, and mobile.

HP said that revenue dropped in excess of 8% in the third quarter of the fiscal year because of problems with PCs, services, and unrelated businesses.

The CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, plans to resign in the next year.

But, as all of us know, the circle of life continues to go around, even for technology. As one era in computing ends, another era in computing begins. IDC is referring to it as the "third platform", and it is constituted of IT architectures that leverage big data analytics, social technologies, cloud services, and mobile devices. If you don't believe that the change is real, then just look at recent news in the cloud market. Remember, we're just scoping in on the cloud market here, and we're not even talking about social or mobile right now.

Amazon Web Services continued on with its heady growth – at least that's what we can believe based on the second-quarter earnings report.

Box, a cloud-based storage company, says that they have 180,000 business customers, and they expect to grow by more than 100% this year alone.

ServiceNow, another cloud-based vendor, has posted revenue growth of at least 80% year-over=year for more than 28 successive quarters.

Chambers really expressed the sense of urgency when he said that it is not competitors that they are competing against, but market transitions. Well, this market change was certainly cataclysmic. This is the third platform, and vendors better get accustomed to it very quickly if they are going to succeed in the near future. They should also develop better eyes for where the future is ahead if they don't want to end up like roadkill. Having a comprehensive overview of what the market is and where it is headed will be necessary to companies' success in the future.

IT Industry

Kit-Kat and Other Sweets

Google escalated the attack against Microsoft Office with Android 'KitKat'. The latest version of Android now includes Quickoffice, a mobile substitute for one of Microsoft's biggest earners.

Google just last week turned up the heat on Microsoft and its lucrative Office franchise, and they did so this time by including Quickoffice with its most recent Android mobile OS, version 4.4 called "KitKat".

As of the KitKat release, Google is embedding Quickoffice, a substitute for Microsoft Office, with all new devices using the OS, as well as with upgrades for smartphones and tablets that are already owned.

Analysts thought of Google's prior moves with Quickoffice as aimed directly at Microsoft, with Office in particularly being sniped out. Even though Office has a solid lock on the business market, mobile device proliferation – those in the hands of consumers and workers – means that Microsoft's position might not be able to be maintained for very long.

Researchers, critics, and analysts viewed KitKat as just more of the same when it came to knocking Microsoft Office out of the water.

An analyst at IDC who has been closely following Google's moves with Quickoffice sees this as a definite escalation.

Google purchased Quickoffice in June 2012, and they started to expand the app's distribution within a few months. Just last December, the company provided a free version specific to the iPad to Google Apps for Business consumers. Last Spring, Google expanded the deal when it came out with an iPhone version and others for Android tablets and smartphones, once again free to consumers who had Google Apps for Business accounts.

Google Apps for Business is a cloud-based service that costs $50 per user per year, and it is the main tool in its battle for enterprise productivity consumers.

Then, just six weeks ago, Google made its biggest move with Quickoffice, offering the app to Android and iOS users free-of-charge, getting rid of the Apps for Business link altogether.

KitKat, though, goes a step beyond that by bundling Quickoffice, getting rid of the download barrier wholly, at least for Android users, Quickoffice has become a first-party app, similar to Google Maps.

Neither Apple's iWork suite nor Quickoffice can compete with Microsoft Office on document fidelity or features. However, analysts say that they don't have to.

An analyst said that every day that Microsoft holds back, their market share goes down. People are going to learn to use the other stuff.

The biggest danger to Microsoft Office's market share comes not from the enterprise, though, but from sales to small businesses and consumers, where the full-fledged version of Office can really, in all honesty, be just a little too much. Ordinary consumers and small business owners could see Microsoft Office as overkill, in other words.

One analyst sees it as Google targeting occasional users. If you're a professional user of Microsoft Office, then you're going to stick with Microsoft Office, because there are no substitutes. However, if you are just an occasional user, then Quickoffice may be fine for you.

Android KitKat OS

SEO Best Practices In Light Of The Google Hummingbird Algorithmic Update

Google's new Hummingbird algorithmic update is sending shivers down the collective spine of the SEO industry, but it is actually good news for serious content creators.

At the beginning of October, Google announced a huge search algorithm update, and it was called Hummingbird.

Immediately, SEO experts and content creators started to learn as much as they could about this game-changing update. It changed content-driven websites and keyword research for good. Do you have to re-organize your whole content strategy? What are the best practices in light of the Hummingbird update?

The Google Hummingbird update is a signifier of a lot to come in search, but intelligent content creators can be prepared to be successful through this – and any – future SEO environment that springs up later on.

The release is a new way of helping Google to more easily handle "conversational" search questions. The importance of the keyword is being diminished, and the user's intent and conversational approach is more important than ever. As mobile devices take hold and become more prevalent, and as voice search becomes more common, Google is changing the way that search works.

What does all of this mean to you as a content creator?

Abandon the idea that repeating keywords over and over again. Hopefully, you've let go of this practice a long time ago. You should still define what your page is about in a straightforward way, but trying to game the search engines by targeting keywords is definitely not going to work now, and it worked poorly before this update, anyway.

The long-tail keyword phrase isn't going to be searched for as much, possibly. With small mobile keywords and voice search becoming more prevalent, there are two important implications. One is that long-tail keywords won't be used as much because people just don't want to type out something really long on their small mobile keyword. Also, if they are using a voice search, they're going to be more likely to use a conversational search. The long-tail keyword is going to change in its importance level. The long-tail keyword will be defined by the needs and desires of users and not be the keyword strings themselves. Try to put yourself in the user's shoes when you're creating your content and design it from the perspective of the user looking or wanting to know about something. Your content should revolve around needs, desires, and answers, and not the keyword phrases.

You have to understand the potential intents of your users. Google is trying to understand what people want and need, and they are trying to fill that need. As a content creator, you need to try to build pages based around the basic intentions and needs of your potential users. Map those needs out and design your site's language, content, and architecture to address them. On top of that, and related to that, design a beautiful site with a flowing customer experience so that users will spend more time on your site. That will contribute your search engine ranking because Google pays attention to how long someone is on your site.

Google Hummingbird Update

How Correctly Open and Update a Support Ticket

Many times we have clients sending us emails requesting support and in the rush to contact us they simply send the request to any email address to any address or contacting us to the Sales department, o Pre-sales department. Doing this they not only do not get the expected support but also they delay the response as we have to reply back asking them to login in the customer support panel and open the support ticket so we can have they details so we can provide a qualified support. We have put this step by step to help our clients to know the correct way to open a support request so we can assist them quickly and accurately.

Step 1- Login in your client area at

Step 2- If you have forgotten your password you can reset it going to the "Forgot Password?" link. Fill out the email address you have registered in our system and reset your password.

Step 3- To open a new support ticket click in the "Open Ticket" link in the menu then click in the link of the Department where you wish to open your request. If you have an open ticket and you wish to update it, read it or close it, please go to Step 6.

Step 5- In the form, fill out the "Subject" of the request and select the Related Service. If you do not select the related service this can delay our response as we have to ask you about it to know about which of your services you are opening the ticket.
You can also select/change the "Department" and the "Priority" (by default the priority is set to "Medium").
Fill out the "Message" field with the details of your request. Make sure to add all the details possible to accelerate the support process. If you have any file, a screenshot or document that you wish to send us, attach it using the "Browse" button to find the file in your computer.
Once complete, click in the "Submit" button. This will open a ticket and notify us about it. We will reply to your request as soon as possible.

Step 6- If you have already an open ticket you can check the ticket status, read the tech reply, update your ticket, close it and rate the support quality going to the "Ticket" link in the menu.

Step 7- Then click in the "View Ticket" button on the desired ticket from the list.

Step 8- There you can check the ticket status, read the tech reply, update your ticket, close it and rate the support quality.

Things to Keep in Mind with Filezilla FTP

Filezilla is one of the most useful free FTP client out there. It's easy to set up, easy to use, consistent, and fully featured. There really is nothing more one could ask of such a client, really, and it's easy to fall into the trap of assuming Filezilla is a perfect solution. Unfortunately, there are a handful of vulnerabilities to be aware of. We'll go over the most important one today. Users who use Filezilla to publish their sites and save their profiles in Filezilla run the risk of making available user passwords and other detailed information.

How Does it Happen?

What ends up happening is something like this. Users log into Filezilla, use it to publish their sites, and save their profiles. Filezilla saves profiles as a plain text file, which is open to be read by any Trojan that makes its way onto your machine. This would obviously be a serious security problem for you, so it's best to take active measures against user credential theft. The easiest ways to prevent this from happening are to avoid saving your profile, and to simply enter your login credentials every time you log in instead of saving them onto your machine.

Going the Extra Mile: Consistent Protection Against Credential Theft

Even though the above measures are useful in preventing Filezilla from saving any plain text document a Trojan is likely to read, there are other, cleverer ways of stealing your information out there. In order to make these irrelevant, you should consider changing your password at regular intervals – say, biweekly or monthly – and write only strong passwords that contain letters, numbers, and at least one symbol. This way, your password will be as protective as it can be, and as random (to the eyes of an eavesdropper) as could be.

Automatic Safety

One thing you can do to prevent yourself from saving credential information in Filezilla or in your browser where anyone can see it is to disable all "remember me on this computer" boxes on any sites with login information. This includes sites irrelevant to the one you want to protect the password of – some sophisticated cryptographic methods use your other passwords to figure out the missing ones. Taking this extra step will make it that much harder to find your login credentials.

Password Safety

Easily change your php.ini settings

From today is easy for you change your php.ini settings from your cPanel.
From now you have the ability to edit the php.ini through the PHP Selector option in your cpanel.

Simply select the php version then click the "Show PHP Extensions" button. Then click in the option you want to change and save the settings. Thats it!
This option is available in all our cPanel shared hosting accounts.

PHP Selector

Basics for Choosing a Good Web Host

Basics For Choosing a Good Web Host

Transferring a Domain Name

The information below is to help you to understand and take the necessary steps to have your domain name transferred between different registration companies. The transfer process is an easy process if you know how to do it in the right way.

First, you must understand that a domain transfer do not means simply point or change a DNS in a domain to point to a different host or hosting service or company.
The domain transfer means you are transferring the domain registration from one registration company to another and have the domain managed through this company, for example if you have your domain registered at Network Solutions and you do not want continue paying the high rates, you transfer your domain to PlusPlusHosting and you get a better service level and a lot better rates to have your domain registered and managed.

To initiate the transfer of your domain, you have to keep in mind the domain should be to an active and transferable status, this means:

- The domain should be active and not expired, nor close to its expiry date. Keep in mind a domain transfer process could take up to 5 business days to be complete, so if you have a domain that expires in 3 days most probably the transfer will fail. Make sure to plan and initiate the transfer process with some times in advance. This do not affect your registration period, whenever you transfer the domain, the domain it always extend the period starting from the current expiry date. So for example if your domain expire on December 1st and you transfer this domain one month before, the next expiry date will be December 1st of the next year (considering the transfer process includes an extension of the registration period). So you can transfer your domain anytime without loosing registration days (there are some exceptions).

- The domain should be unlocked. Most registration companies have an option through they management panel to lock your domain to avoid fraudulent transfers. When transferring a domain make sure you disable the lock.

- The domain Whois information should be up to date and available in the Whois database. Many registration companies have privacy protection services for domains, which hide the real information when you make a Whois search of the domain. Make sure to disable this option from the management panel in your domain before initiate the transfer.

- You must obtain the transfer authorization code or EEP from your current registration company, which is needed to initiate the transfer in another registration company. The transfer authorization code is a password which is generated and provided by the current registration company, you will need this password when you initiate the transfer process. Please note this password is needed almost for all domains extensions to have them transferred between registration companies.

How is the domain transfer process?

Once you have met the requirements listed above and you have your transfer authorization code. You can initiate the domain transfer order. If you are transferring your domain with us, go to our Domain Transfer form. Once there you have to type the domain name you are transferring and the transfer authorization code provided by your current registration company, then proceed to follow the form steps and complete the payment process for the domain transfer.

Once you have completed the process, the transfer process has begun.
The new registration company (PlusPlusHosting.Net) will send you a message to the administrative contact email address listed in the Whois database in your domain, requesting you approve or reject the domain transfer. Once you approve the transfer following the steps in this message, you will receive another email message from your current registration company asking the same, approve or reject the transfer. Once you approve the transfer following the instruction in the message you have completed the approval process.
Soon your domain will be transferred to us and you will be able to manage your domain through your Client Area.

Note as we have said above, the domain transfer process it also extend your domain registration period, there are only some exceptions when this do not happen.

Things that can make your domain transfer fail

- You have your domain locked.
- You have your domain with a privacy protection Whois service which do not show your real contact information at Whois.
- Your domain has expired.
- The administrative contact email address in the domain is not correct, so you will never receive the approval emails.
- You haven't approved the transfer process.
- You took no action (approve or reject) after initiated the transfer process.
- You filled out an incorrect transfer authorization code.

The Top Six Benefits of cPanel Web Hosting

Control Panel Web Hosting or cPanel Web Hosting, is just one of the administrative softwares which are used to control a website. It was developed by J. Nicholas Koston specifically for high speed webhosting; fortunately it has a very user-friendly interface which does not require the administrator to have a college degree in Information Technology. Here are six benefits in using the cPanel web hosting software:

First Advantage: cPanel web hosting is different from other software for the same purpose. This one does not need any complicated and confusing codes for any particular administrative function and action. All the user has to do is be able to click the mouse and read the options that pop out. The point and click method not only makes it simpler, but it also makes it possible for a more reliable web hosting, no matter who is administering the tasks.

Second Advantage: The type of applications that the administrator uses for the website does not need to be highly specific or complicated either. Simple installations and uninstallations can be done by the mouse click. This means that if one application is useless for the site, the administrator simply uninstalls it without having to wait for a technician to tweak with the files and software.

Third Advantage: The cPanel web hosting includes the support of the following functions: E-mail, maintenance, and management of the data base. Before this, other administrative software would demand different software for different functions. The cPanel is literally an all-in-one software which makes it simpler and more cost effective.

Fourth Advantage: The cPanel also has a command line tool on top of its API functions. This not only makes it advantageous to the website end users but the website resellers as well. The cPanel web hosting can make the 3rd party software sellers and webhosting companies put in their self-designed processes and automated functions.

Fifth Advantage: The cPanel has a web hosting manager. This makes it easier for the users to access their web hosts and make their own changes if they wish to when they want to, whatever the changes may be.

Sixth Advantage: With the cPanel, not only are the website administrators spared of stress, but the email account users also finds it easier to work with. It is the obvious simplicity in both design and approach that has made the cPanel the most popular website administrative software. In fact, most competitive reliable web hosting companies and services use the cPanel web hosting software for they can now easily manage the sheer number of clients under them.

The Importance Of Having Strong Passwords

The World Wide Web is a dynamic framework of many addresses each striving to have a say in their own niches by having a unique character. But they all have to be connected by an established regulatory coding on the internet like passwords for login in and for user name accounts. This has been the link through which blackmailers on the internet penetrate the barrier of a site in order to gain what theirs cannot offer spreading viruses that may lead to collapsing of server systems and loss of data. Since the password is the main target for the hackers, acting as the entry point, it is inevitable that there should be strategies aimed at creating a strong password that makes it hard to guess or imitate.

The password should follow all the basic strength tests offered on most logging sites. These include the incorporation of at least eight numbers and figures that are hard to guess even for the creator at the first instance. Numerals and letters should be used interchangeably and randomly. The letters should be arranged in an odd combination that does not hint on the grouping criteria. Special notations like the exclamation marks, asterisks and other signs should be used one or more times in the whole password. For security reasons, the characters should not be borrowed from individual data like mobile numbers and those of home addresses. The password should have sheer obscurity for another person but one that the user can easily recall.

Password secure files solutions are provided by the web hosting company The system involves the use of security options provided for when saving of documents by the program supporting the script. For example when saving the file in a Windows program, the person can choose a secure password that they will be using to access any personal file in the computer when they click to the menu application that blocks all personal files. This makes it difficult for anyone else to access the script apart from the user. Another option is to permanently lock the documents with a strong password that makes it hard for a person to have an intentional or chance view of important documents.

Malicious access of passwords usually involves several techniques like manual guessing from a previously known login characters and use of lexicographical software that can find letters and characters against an email address. More often it is the phishing scheme that lures users with emergencies that lead them to reveal their passwords.

Why Choose cPanel Web Hosting?

When you are deciding what to use when hosting your web site, it's most likely that cPanel web hosting will be your final choice. But what is it about this web hosting control panel that makes it simple to host a web site? Why do resellers, administrators and end-users prefer to use this?

First of all, it's an extremely simple way to upload software, dump information, process email, and otherwise do anything basic with a web site. Both server and web site administration both become quick through a graphic interface and advanced automation that use simple clicks to update a site with pertinent information.

Basically, it's a normal control panel that has been developed for use for front-end operations, like updating mailing lists, going through email accounts, auto installers, and the like. cPanel also allows the software that runs the web site to update automatically, although it's not as easy then to install the newer versions in case anything goes wrong.

However, that's a small downside to this fantastic interface. Otherwise, this control panel makes life easy for any webmaster. For example, email can be a nightmare to sort through. But cPanel keeps it simple by allowing you to manage all your accounts through one window. Instead of going to each and every inbox, you can make new email addresses for your website, forward emails if needed, and do a lot more.

Most web sites have a major problem with spam, but cPanel web hosting employs software that can keep it out and keep the inboxes free of mess. It also takes care of forwarding all your email to a single account in case you have to be away from your main computer. Then your break becomes easier because you'll be getting all your emails in a single account. It can even be sent to your iPhone or Android cell phone or even your BlackBerry if you wish.

What's a website without traffic anyway? Traffic is useless, though, if you don't know how to keep track of it. This control panel allows you to analyze the stats of the people going in and out of your website. Aside from getting your visitor stats very quickly, you'll also be made aware of any errors on your site. It not only saves you time through finding the broken links and nonexistent files for you but keeps people interested in coming back to your very informative site.

And it's not only newbies that can use this, but geeks that will find it interesting, too. It's much easier to manage data and security and also to add in scripts that will keep you on the top.

Choosing A Domain Registration Company

Getting a domain name for your company is important as establishing a good name for company. The truth is, the domain name that you get will largely determine the legitimacy of your company and this is, as you would expect very important for your sales as well as for your presence in the online world. There are many domain names that one may choose from but the truth is that in this maze there are those that are legitimate and those that are not. Any one can buy a domain name but it is important that the domain name that one buys has not been used, that is it has not yet been registered by another user.

To find a domain name that is suitable for you, you can use a domain registration company that will take you through the process of picking out and registration. There are many of these out there and even though their purpose is the same, these domain registration companies have features that distinguish them from each other. They are different in terms of the costs they charge, some offer web hosting services among other features. So one of the things that you want to factor in is the credibility of the company that will be helping you with the domain solutions of your own company. Use the search engines such as those of yahoo to ensure that they are a credible company.

It is also important that they offer you other services such as web hosting that will allow you be a reseller of the same services for customers who visit your site. A company that is able to offer you these services is in a position of saving your own company from spending on extra cost of web hosting and other related domain name solutions. In addition to this, it is important that you understand the delay time that the company will be working with. Given that your domain name will not be functional immediately, different companies have different time durations within which they allow the domain name to be registered and then become active. See that the duration does not extend to more than a week because if so they are likely not to be the best company for you.

Establishing a contract with the domain registration company is also a vital aspect of the entire process. This will not only formalize the agreement that your company and that of the provider have established but will also ensure that your company is not sabotaged.

The Myth About "Unlimited" Hosting

Whether you have been in the hosting industry for many years, or are still just looking for your first host, you have undoubtedly come across the term "unlimited". These so called web hosts would offer unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited databases, but is this possible? Have you ever thought that unlimited benefits for such a low price may be too good to be true? The truth is that some web hosting companies advertise "unlimited" features in return for your business. They only try to take advantage of you and lure you in to this offer. These companies count on you only using a small portion of their server, so they can keep offering unlimited hosting to other customers.

When you come across a web host with unlimited hosting, many people new to this industry may jump to sign up. However, there is usually a restriction planed on your usage in its Terms of Service. If you don't read the Terms of Service, the web hosting company can cut off your service and terminate your account without notice because you used too much server resources. Sounds like a scam? It is. There is no such thing as an "unlimited" hard drive. All hard drives have space limits, whether it is 50 gigabytes, or 500 gigabytes. When the hard drives become full, because of many users using "unlimited" space, they become slower and slower. Therefore, what may have been a great offer when you signed up, may not be such as good offer now.

What sets PlusPlus Hosting apart from the competition is that we do not offer fake "unlimited" hosting. All of our hosting plans have more than generous limits for all of our customers, but nothing is unlimited. All our servers use Supermicro and other major brand parts, which allows are servers to function at a higher level and at a longer length then our competitors. Supermicro also is the leading green computer parts provider. This allows our datacenter to use less energy, and therefore pass the savings down to you. PlusPlus host also uses Tier 1 Bandwidth, which delivers faster and more efficient flow from our servers to our clients. Since we have multiple servers, we can balance them out to optimize your website speed.

Backed with 15 years of experience, PlusPlus host is the perfect hosting options. We do not oversell of servers because we truly value a good client over a higher profit. PlusPlus host has affordable prices, quality hardware, and the one of the most reliable datacenter and networks out there. PlusPlus Host provides 24×7 support, so any questions or concerns can be brought up at any time, making PlusPlus host one of the premiere web hosting companies.

You Risk Losing your Business because of Cheap Hosting Services

If you are not hosting your website(s) with a qualified hosting company, then you need to be very watchful of your current hosting provider. It is entirely possible that you have had no problems so far with your hosting company and that your current is probably saving you some money, but working with cheap hosting providers may cost you more, in the long-run. Now, that could happen in two ways – Your website might either go down or just not function properly, or worse yet… you could face security issues and hack attacks. While you saved some money in the past few weeks/months, any problem with your web hosting provider could mean lost revenues, or even lost visitors who would never come back to your website.

Whereas, had you purchased an account with a qualified hosting company/expert, the occurrence of such a frustrating situation would have been rare. Here's why – the problem with cheap hosting providers is that they rent out their servers to customers for such a low price that providing round the clock support becomes difficult for them. Some other reasons could include:

* They oversell their services, thereby increasing the load on their servers causing your website to load slow, or at times, not load at all.

* They do not ensure that their servers are upgraded with necessary software (a recent, stable version of PHP, for example); and you know that proper execution of PHP is important for your online business to function smoothly.

* Cheap hosting companies might promise you round the clock (24×7) support, but unlike qualified hosting providers, they just cannot keep up with their promises. They'll often need 2-3 days before they attend to your problem, by which time you might have lost a significant amount of business. In some cases, you might be forced to shut down your online business.

A company that offers qualified hosting services knows their business well, and can offer up to 99.9% uptime guarantee (which is very crucial these days) and timely support. After all, with today's cutthroat competition, you don't want to lose out on even a single visitor. Make a smart choice, and improve the chances of your success.



When you run a business that relies on connectivity it is critical to use an internet services company that you can count on. PlusPlus Internet Solutions is a trusted partner that offers consistently reliable hosting, ftp and email services.
We are continuously satisfied with not only the services PlusPlus provides but with their high level of customer support when we have questions or need assistance.

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